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Our Story



At Poppie's, we believe in BIG dreams.


We believe that God can do the MIRACULOUS with a willing heart and hard work.


We believe in lots of love, family, and being true to your strengths. BE exceptional. BE productive. BE positive.


But most of all, show God's love in all you do.


This is our mission in our daily operations at Poppie's, and our individual lives! 





In March of 2014, I sat in my bedroom shortly after the passing of one of the greatest souls I've ever known, my grandfather, Poppie. My then boyfriend (now husband!) and I were planning on flying to Haiti for a mission trip the following June, but OH did God have other plans! Because of these plans, I needed cash, so I brought out my sewing machine, bought a cheap jewelry making kit at Walmart, and got my creative juices flowing. I started selling upcycled clothing and accessories on facebook, Etsy, and persuading friends and family to  let me set up in their homes, offices, and churches. To my surprise, it went well


The mission trip ended falling through for us, but I know that God intentionally had me start that particular journey in my life to find my love for selling and creating. 


I made an official name for my little side-hustle, naming it, of course, "Poppie's," and took off  starting the business with only $300, my 1998 4-Runner, any of handmade goods I could make look marketable, and a dream! I was 19 years old then. 


{My sweet Poppie...RC cola in to his prized El Camino Super Sport}



{our first craft fair set-up at the Smithville Fiddler's Jamboree 2014}

That year was monumental for me, getting married at the young age of 20 and continuing school...and Poppie's! Our small tent quickly grew to a huge tent, and in July of 2015...we bought and remodeled a 1968 Airstream with every last dime of our savings (and LOTS of elbow grease from friends and family...we love y'all so much) and went mobile. That next year we would attend over 30 festivals and barn sales across Tennessee!


{my crazy, naive 20 year old self and the moldy airstream Hunter and I somehow saw potential in!}
{Our first Barn Sale in September of 2015 after the Airstream was fully renovated}



January 2016, we took another leap of faith, and opened our first storefront in Hunter's hometown of Smithville, TN. At the time, I was still wanting to pursue education, but Hunter persisted with the vision...It was a HIT. We then quickly opened a McMinnville, TN location in July of that year, and a location in Sarah's hometown of Lebanon, TN location in February of 2017. Somewhere in there our online shop came along? You can imagine, its a big, beautiful, crazy blur. God is faithful. Hard work pays off, y'all. 




Even though hard work pays off, it can also wear down if not checked. Hunter and I prayed (and prayed and prayed) about a lifestyle shift around fall of 2017 after nearly facing burnout from the road and the busy lifestyle that you can imagine comes with 3 brick and mortar locations. We swallowed their pride and closed the doors of the Smithville location. Soon after, God blessed us with a God-sized opportunity of moving our McMinnville location to Downtown Cookeville. 


So here we are, five years later! All of this time later (definitely the readers digest version given here), and God has remained faithful and steadfast through it ALL. The growth, the changes, the challenges, and two crazy 20 year old having no earthly idea of knowing how to run a business...but you live. you learn. you trust. And where God has a plan, anything truly is possible. Thank you to our friends, family, and AMAZING customers who truly blow us away every. single. day. 


Love & Joy,






Sarah & Hunter Collins    


     Husband and wife duo, Hunter and Sarah Collins, share a passion for business, fun, and togetherness...which is why Poppie's has easily become a priority for them both. They love meeting new people everyday and creating relationships with our wonderful customers and with other vendors on the road a festivals and shows. Being avid Christians, Hunter and Sarah pride themselves in running Poppie's with great integrity, honesty, and quality, in hopes to show each customer the love of God along with giving back to the community. 

      Sarah is an enthusiastic, outgoing, and bubbly worship leader, wife, and crafter, originally from the areas of Lebanon and Gordonsville, TN. She is the creative and visual mind behind the Poppie's operation! Anything fashion, social, merchandising, or marketing...Sarah has a hand in, and loves every minute of it. She loves drinking coffee (3 creams, 3 sugars), reading devotionals, listening to too many podcasts, and watching The Golden Girls. She loves most to spend time with her family and friends & eating home cooked meals (or Cracker Barrel will do just fine)! 

      Hunter is a sweet, calm youth pastor, husband, and Accountant who was born and raised in Smithville, TN. He is the business mastermind behind the Poppie's operation...truly the "go-to guy" for all things accounting, budgeting, POS, IT, and (bless his heart) moving Sarah's heavy merchandising shenanigans. He loves eating homemade cream cheese icing while watching The Office and The Profit, listening to even MORE podcasts than Sarah, and playing with their beloved fur child/chocolate lab, "Coke Collins." Hunter loves improving the world around him and is always thinking, reading, and planning about the next big move! 


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