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Prayer Wall

Tell us your Prayers, Praises or Happy Thoughts


We will Pray, Rejoice, and be Happy with you! 

We have a prayer wall in each of our stores that customers can write and share with us what is going on in their lives and hearts! Know that we will pray for and over each request each day! We LOVE to shine the light of God and encourage our customers that may be going through hard times! We also receive JOY and BLESSINGS by your praises and Happy thoughts! 
Please feel free to enjoy the Blessings and Happy thoughts of others, AS well as take a moment and PRAY over the prayers listed below! 
If you would like to SUBMIT a request or a Praise, scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the form! We will review, pray and place your request for others to see and pray for!  We are by no means therapist or medical peeps, but we sure do believe in the power of Prayer, Positivity, and Community!

Please say a prayer of safety for my dad, he is a police officer and has a very stressful and sometimes dangerous job.  -anonymous


We are so thankful for all of our awesome customers and followers! -The Poppies Team


For all of the troops that are fighting for our freedom and safety. - Kate


My uncle Jerry and his battle with cancer. - KR


I Pray for our house buying process. - anonymous


Praying for clarity on a job opportunity. -anonymous


Thank you for never giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself! - anonymous


For restoration between my husband and son. -LP


My grandmother having dialysis and needs to do well during surgery this afternoon. Safe travels for my family and myself to go see her. -MB


Please pray for my sweet friend Katelyn Smith as she continues treatments <3.-Calista Vinson


Prayers for my marriage. -Anonymous


To be shown the direction to go. -Anonymous 


For two women at my church that are battling cancer, I pray for them to have strength and hope, and for their families to have hope and strength as well. -Anonymous 


My Boyfriend has been struggling. Nothing seems to be working out for him. He's discouraged. I just pray that God will bless his life soon and for patience.- Anonymous 


Prayers for my friend, Sharon who is fighting cancer but her last scan shows tumors are shrinking over 50%, the doctor calls this a miracle! Keep praying for her! For favor and protection for my family and friends. -Mone


I pray for my friend's sole to be saved. He's battling drug addiction and battling with the will to live, and I've done all I can. I pray that he will be given the heart of Jesus to know what he has to live for - our God above. Every prayer for him helps. His name is Eric. - Anonymous


 I ask that you please say a prayer for my Grandmother. She is my rock and is becoming really sick. She can’t afford the medicine she needs, and has no insurance. If you could please say a prayer that God will lead a path for us it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! - Anonymous


Please say a quick prayer for healing of a good friend. Kaleb has been through so much over the last 2 years!! Although the circumstances, he is still a warrior and pushes through! He believes God is going to do what is best for him! ❤️ - Anonymous 



Pray for me as my husband is at basic training, I'm just missing him a little extra today. -Carrie M.



Please keep Cameron Miller in your prayers as he battles leukemia. - Anonymous



Hoping to be going down the right path and control over my depression/anxiety. - Anonymous


For my Mum who lost her brother, she was the only one in a large family who constantly forgave him for his mean ways. She was ill and didnt get to say goodbye, he was in a car accident and passed a few days later. I wish I could take her pain away. She is the best of us. - Anonymous


I just had knee surgery and competition cheer tryouts for my school are next week and I don't even know if Ill be able to walk so please pray that I can do something and I recover fast. - Kayli Pardue


Please pray for my mom found a brain tumor and will be having brain surgery April 9th. Provide her with strength. - CN


Prayers for my relationship? - Anonymous 


Hoping to be going down the right path and control over my depression/ anxiety. - Anonymous


Please Keep Cameron Miller in your prayers as he battles leukemia. -Anonymous


Pray for me as my husband is at basic training, I'm just missing him a little extra today. - Carrie M


For reconnection of my step- daughter with her dad and myself. -SK


Prayers for my anxiety and just struggling to figure out the woman I am and prayers for my relationship. - Anonymous


Please pray for my daughter who will be having surgery soon. Pray that God guides the doctors and health care professionals, and that she heals quickly without complications. - Anonymous


Please say a prayer for my sweet daddy! He has a job interview this week that could bring so many blessings to our family <3. - Anonymous


Prayers for the times i've struggled. Its been a hard past couple of months. Prayers for changes ahead in a different direction. - Anonymous


Prayers for both my grandma and my aunt. They have really been struggling the past few months. I pray for my grandmother to have strength and peace and I pray healing and strength to my aunt. - Anonymous


Say a prayer for my stepdad as he is getting over a surgery and needs to regain strength! - Anonymous


















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