5 Essential Pieces for Any Capsule Collection

5 Essential Pieces for Any Capsule Collection

Your favorite travel blogger is back with one of my favorite ways to save space,
save time, and save stress: A Capsule Collection! I am basically obsessed with
an efficient wardrobe that pulls double duty at home or on my travels. Poppie’s
Boutique has totally revolutionized the Capsule Collection concept, and I’m about to tell you all about my top 5 musts for any capsule collection. Check it out!

1. Classic Dress
I am all in on dresses! Spring, summer, fall, winter—I’m wearing a dress unless
temperatures dip into the 20s. The right dress (the one you need for your capsule collection!) looks great with heels, sandals, boots, or booties, and it can be worn on its own one day, and completely change its luck with a jacket or belt another day. This one is a favorite! Click to get a similar fall option classic dress now!

2. Neutral Pants
The best thing about pants? Pockets. The pants in your capsule collection will
take you far because they’ll be neutral, but they’ll do double duty if you choose a pair with pockets. A pair of capsule collection pants will seamlessly take you from the office to a night out on the town! Click here for your new favorite Neutral Pants in Black!

3. Professional Blazer
One of the most versatile pieces in any capsule collection will be your blazer. It’ll go with your dress, your capsule collection pants and blouse, and even dress up your favorite pair of jeans. And thanks to cool office air conditioning, a blazer is an all-season necessity. Click here for our neutral blazer collection!

4. Better than Basic Blouse
If you think a capsule collection is boring, I’m about to blow your mind. A button- down or basic top are both awesome and versatile, but your capsule collection is versatile enough to make room for something a little better than basic. Keep with your neutral color palette to go with the rest of your capsule collection (and beyond), but go for ruffles, a v-neckline, or a bow! Click here for the current blouse options that are perfect for any time of year to shop now!

5. Perfect Skirt
Your capsule collection skirt definitely will go with your better than basic blouse
and professional blazer, but a trick that I love is putting it with my basic dress!
(Let’s just say carry-on only travelers like myself inevitably find ways to get very
creative!) This really depends on the length and fit of your skirt, but if you can pull it off, you’ve got yourself yet another capsule collection outfit. Even if that’s not your style, though, your skirt can be dressed up or down with practically any top,and adding that blazer will elevate it all the more! Click here to shop Poppie's current basic skirts!

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