An Ode to the "Quick Change" (blog 4)

An Ode to the "Quick Change" (blog 4)

I’ve never been the confident type where clothes were concerned. I had a friend once who constantly criticized my style, and would give me her hand-me-downs because, as she put it, I didn’t know how to dress myself. I didn’t worry about it too much when I first started blogging, but as the travel blogging field started to mesh with the fashion blogging niche over the years, I’ve become much more aware of how I look in photos and how I compare to other travel and fashion bloggers. I’m not much of a shopper, so clothes have never been a “fun” thing for me like they always seem to be for everyone else.  


That’s where my love for Poppie’s comes in. The first time I went into Poppie’s in Lebanon, the whole vibe of the store and attitude of the girls working there put me in a great mood. My mom wanted to look around, so I went in to humor her, since we live in different states and don’t see each other very often. I didn’t expect to find anything for myself, but I made a friend in the dressing rooms (we came out at the same time, wearing the same dress, and it was hilarious), found three things for myself, and Sarah, the owner, showed me how to shorten a maxi dress that was just my color but too long for me by tying a knot in the front! Since then, I have loved supporting Poppie’s and telling everyone I know how AMAZING they are! And now I’m about to tell you some of my best styling tricks for travel, using some of my favorite pieces from Poppie’s! 

The Little Black Dress 

This is my go-to base piece. A good swinging little black dress is the perfect travel buddy, you know? It’s sleek, it’s flattering, but best of all... it hides accidental spills! Because let’s be real, between airplane turbulence, jet lag, and the distraction of being in a new place, spills happen to even the most ladylike of travel chicks. 

Making the Most of Your Basics 

My favorite thing about a casual little black dress is the versatility. Comfort and versatility on travel (or just in life!) are so important to me because, as a travel blogger, I need to pack light. I travel carry-on only whenever possible—which is most of the time—because it tends to just be easier for me. I never lose my luggage, I always know where my stuff is, and I never have to wait at baggage claim! But to do that, I have to pack smart and bring clothes and accessories that work together.  

 Here’s a sneak peek at how I make that happen, and my best, not-so-secret secrets so you can do it, too! Summer travels are here, so make the most of your valuable vacation time and luggage space with these looks! 

Look One: The LBD 

There is nothing more classic than a little black dress. It can be dressed up or down. It goes with any pop of color. It can go from the beach to a ball game to dinner with a shift of accessories. And whether you’re flying, driving, or walking, it’s so comfortable!  

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Look Two: The Chilly Fix 

Anyone else get a little chilly on planes? Not a fan of brisk mornings and chilly nights? Just me? There’s an easy fix! A jacket and neck scarf will not only keep the chill off, they can work together to totally elevate that casual dress. Didn’t bring a scarf? No problem! Switch it out with a kimono! 


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Look Three: Kimono Crush 

I have a major crush on kimonos. They always fit, they’re always easy-breezy, and they can totally change up a look! I love how they can be the perfect beach accessory and the ideal add-on for date night! 

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Look Four: The Good Sport 

Sporty, yet feminine, yes? This is a favorite look for the ultimate tourist day: museums, walking around town, quick coffee stop, you name it. Best of all? This tee can also be paired with leggings, jeans, shorts, or a fun skirt! Bringing multiple, multi-use pieces pays off big time when you want options, but you also want to be luggage efficient! You can also change up this look with a graphic tee, sweater, or button-down tied at the waist! 

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Look Five: Travel Day Chic 

 When people say the best solution is to “pack layers,” I just cringe. I’m not a fan! Layers means more clothing to pack, and as a carry-on only traveler, that’s not awesome. However... They’re right! Sometimes layers are easiest. On our trip from DC to Seattle, we went from 88 degrees in DC to sweating on our walk through the airport, then freezing our patooties off for the first hour of the flight, then sweating all over again when the temperature overcorrected! 

The solution is: layers. My hack is: pack things that can be worn both separately and together. This look does just that! Everything I’m wearing here can be worn with other items I packed, and they can be layered together for a day that requires layering up. 

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Of course, I think you should definitely pack more than one dress! These are just some ideas to help you change things up and do a little fashion refresh. All the same, never underestimate the power of a re-wear and a few accessories, y’all! And don’t forget to use code QUICKWHIT15 for 15% off your whole Poppie’s purchase! 



Quick Whit 

About the Author 

Tennessee native Whitney O’Halek has been travel blogging since 2006 and humbly considers herself a master packer—she once packed an entire 26-piece set of fine china from Switzerland in her carry-on luggage, and not one piece arrived home broken! She and her husband live in the DC area and travel the world as often as possible. She is also the author of a devotional for Christian girls called Princess Culture as well as the Lost and Found travel novella series. You can travel the globe with her @quickwhittravel on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest! 



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