Essential Fall Items with Cara Kough

Essential Fall Items with Cara Kough

Hey y’all! It’s Cara again with another fun Poppie’s blog! A little backstory about me: I’ve been working at Poppie’s for about three years now, I do online orders, model for pictures, and love seeing y’all’s faces when I work downstairs at our Lebanon store - especially when all our new fall arrivals come in!

Which brings me to my topic of choice today *drumroll please* ESSENTIAL FALL ITEMS. Y’all - today we’re speaking my love language: sweaters, SPANX leggings, and of course shoes! Let’s hop on into it!

*actually footage of me in this sweater (peep me also calling it my fave lol) I can’t make this stuff up y’all*

1. The essential Poppie’s sweater. When I tell you everyone on our staff owns at least one of these sweaters, I ain’t lying. These cozy-soft sweaters are deemed the “classic poppie’s sweater” because everyone knows em’ and everyone loves em’. Pair with your fave leggings, jeans, and boots and you’ll be getting compliments all day long. They’re light enough for a fall transition, long enough for that fave pair of leggings, and not too heavy for winter - perfect for layering!

*ANOTHER photo during fall, on thanksgiving, in my SPANX leather leggings (thanksgiving belly approved), and the SAME sweater in a different color - and of course featuring queen mama*

2. SPANX. SPANX. SPANX. I stay wearing these iconic faux leather leggings all year round, but especially during the fall!! Perfectly thick for chilly winter and fall nights, a thick elastic band for that turkey-tummy control, and I mean how CUTE are they! These things suck everything in, in all the right places. If y’all don’t already have a pair of these babies y’all are seriously missing out!

3. Last but not least - sneakers. Yes, everyone loves a good boot for the fall, but I tend to get a little hot with my boot socks and clunky boots dragging me down. And if y’all know me - y’all know I love my sneakers. These studded neutral ones are my favorites and perfect with those SPANX or any cute jeans in the fall! Obsessed is an understatement.

And that’s a wrap on this week’s blog post y’all! I hope you guy have a wonderful weekend and happy Friday! Love y’all!

Xo Cara

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Hi y’all, I’m Cara! If y’all didn’t know I started working at Poppie’s since I was fifteen! (A sophomore in high school; oh my gosh!) It feels like so long ago. Now at age eighteen, I feel like I’ve grown up with Poppie’s over my three years of working here. I’ve moved up in the company by fulfilling a few online orders y’all make on our website, to doing pictures full-time, to now doing the majority of all the orders in our web room. I can’t believe how fast time flies. *tear* Anyway, one thing that has always remained constant throughout my years at Poppie’s is, well, school!

That’s why I am here to give y’all the best basics a girl could ever dream of in high school or college! And believe me y’all, from sophomore year in high school to my freshman year of college - Poppie’s has been with me! And that’s not just in the clothes, but in the message our team strives to represent daily in our jobs and our personal lives - being positive! I know these outfits and the message of our store will do the same for you, whether you're still on a journey through school, or you’re just looking for some real good basics!


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