Packing Tips from a Savvy Travel Blogger (blog 7)

Packing Tips from a Savvy Travel Blogger (blog 7)

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Hey there! Whitney here of the Quick Whit Travel Blog, and I am so excited to share some of my best packing tips with y’all! You may remember from my previous “Quick Change” blog post that I have never been crazy about clothes. They were kind of always my enemy growing up, but as a traveler, I’ve learned how to make clothes work for me. Also, I get a kick out of packing them into submission for my trips, you know what I mean? Haha!

Since most of us probably haven’t traveled much in the last year and a half, I thought sharing a few of my tried-and-true packing tips might be helpful. Since I don’t mind sharing my own secrets, here are the best packing tips I use myself. Whether you’re planning your next trip to Europe, Florida, or even just a “staycation” to support your favorite local businesses, these tips are for you!




Tip 1: Roll Your Clothes


Did you know that rolling your clothes instead of folding them saves up to 30% of your luggage space and reduces wrinkles? Did I just blow your mind? It’s true! I found this tip in an American Girl magazine when I was probably 10 years old, and I’ve been using this strategy ever since. Just Google “How to roll my clothes for travel,” and watch a few videos to show you how. You’ll be a pro in no time, and your life will be changed.




Tip 2: Use Packing Cubes


I was a late adopter of packing cubes, but from the first time I tried them, I’ve been totally sold! This is another massive space saver, but even better than that, packing cubes help you stay organized. No more rooting around at the bottom of your suitcase for that last pair of undies you know you packed! If you’re a different-outfit-per-day kind of girl, you can pack one cube for each day with your entire outfit all in one place. Or if you’re like me and you like to mix-and-match your wardrobe on travel, you can put all your tops in one cube, bottoms in another, dresses in another, workout clothes in another, you get the picture. My husband says packing cubes are “like a shelf in your luggage!”




Tip 3: Pack Patterns and Textures


Some pesky fabrics seem to collect wrinkles like it’s their job, am I right? One handy trick I’ve found is to pack clothing with bold patterns, small prints, or textures like lace or crepe. Patterns and textures hide wrinkles in fabrics better than solids, which is super helpful when even rolling doesn’t quite do the trick!




Tip 4: Accessorize!


This is my go-to hack for all my travels! A sun dress can go from the beach to dinner with the right pair of statement earrings. An airplane outfit can go from “I’ve worn this twice already, and I just want to get home” to “I look so cute!” when you simply add a hair scarf! Jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, and kimonos are so light, take up very little space, and can completely change up your look—and even your mood!—when you need them. They’re the perfect things to throw in your luggage at the last minute and change up your whole look in 30 seconds flat. Accessories: Don’t leave home without them!




Tips 5: Pack One Outfit for Your Final Travel Day


I am not ashamed of the fact that I often re-wear my clothes when I travel. As long as it doesn’t stink, it’s fair game! But for the plane ride (or car ride) home, I like to start the day wearing something fresh, that I haven’t already worn on the trip. Whether that’s a comfy dress with pockets, flattering leggings and a statement top, or amazing jeans and a light sweater, traveling home in something that’s truly clean (not just washed out in the sink at my hotel) keeps my stress levels down and my anxiety at bay. There’s just something about that fresh and clean feeling!




Happy travels, y’all! Wherever you go, however you pack, have fun and remember to be kind as we get back to whatever “normal” travel will be. And don’t forget to use code QUICKWHIT15 next time you shop at Poppie’s for 15% off your whole purchase!



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Tennessee native Whitney O’Halek has been travel blogging since 2006 and humbly considers herself a master packer—she once packed an entire 26-piece set of fine china from Switzerland to Washington, DC, in her carry-on luggage, and not one piece arrived home broken! She and her husband live in the DC area and travel the world as often as possible. She is also the author of a devotional for Christian girls called Princess Culture as well as the Lost and Found travel novella series. You can travel the globe with her @quickwhittravel on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest!





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