Poppie’s Blog: The Best Non- clothing Gifts from Poppie’s Boutique by Whitney O'Halek

Poppie’s Blog: The Best Non- clothing Gifts from Poppie’s Boutique by Whitney O'Halek

Ready or not, the great gifting season is here, y’all! Shopping local is a priority for many gift givers these days, and that’s such a great thing. Small businesses owners literally do a happy dance with every purchase! But sometimes when we think of boutique shopping, we automatically think of clothes. What if your recipient would prefer a different color, though? Or what if it’s just not their taste? Or what if it doesn’t fit? With that in mind, I’m here to remind you that boutiques are more than clothes, especially during the Christmas season! Here are my top 5 non-clothing gifts from Poppie’s this season. No sizes required!

A Blanket

Can anyone have too many cozy blankets? I don’t think so either! A Cozy Luxe blanket from Poppie’s is perfect for your mom, your sister, your friend, or anyone in your life who needs a warm hug in the winter months—a warm hug that’s better because it’s from you! Wrap it up with an inspirational book, seasonal mug, or equally cozy socks, and your thoughtful gift will go to the next level!

Scarf or Hat (or both!)

In the spirit of coziness, a warm scarf or cozy hat is the ideal gift for your friends or family who love the outdoors, even in winter! The nice thing about these items? They are not size- dependent! Everyone appreciates a gift that always fits, am I right? Poppie’s has a beautiful assortment of both neutral and brightly-colored options for anyone’s taste!


Is it any coincidence that “boutique” rhymes with “unique?” Poppie’s has some of the cutest, most unique Christmas ornaments this year! Some are vintage and colorful, others are traditional and adorable, and Poppie’s even has locally made, hand-painted ornaments for the ultimate local, small business-supporting gift!


Another gift that always fits? Jewelry! And Poppie’s always has the most adorable, best-priced accessories out there, often from other small businesses! Whether your gift recipients like a little something sparkly or a big statement piece, you’ll find the perfect earrings, necklace, bracelet, and other accessories here!

Gifts Cards

Still not so sure? Don’t worry! Poppie’s gift cards will come to the rescue! It’s everyone’s favorite gift to receive. It’s perfect for everyone, but especially for the loved one who’s a little particular, or the new family member you don’t really know yet (hello, cousin’s new spouse!). It’s also a great gift for a new friend who just moved to the area and wants to know the best place to shop local. And, because gift cards can be used in store or online, the possibilities are

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Whitney O’Halek of @quickwhittravel is a travel blogger, author, and small business enthusiast. Her blog, QuickWhitTravel.com is all about encouraging other women and girls to live their dreams and see the world. You can find her blogging up a storm, planning her next trips, or holding hands with her sweet husband. Her favorite destinations are Hawaii, Greece, and Poppie’s Boutique!

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  • chiaraandcoaustralia: January 31, 2024

    What a delightful read! Whitney Ohalek’s insightful blog post on the best non-clothing gifts from Poppie’s Boutique truly showcases the thoughtfulness and uniqueness of their offerings. From personalized items to charming accessories, Poppie’s Boutique goes beyond fashion to curate a collection that adds a special touch to every gift. Kudos to Poppie’s for spreading joy and helping create memorable moments through their carefully selected treasures!

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