Poppie's Blog: DO’s and DON’Ts for Family Photos with Julie Plunk

Poppie's Blog: DO’s and DON’Ts for Family Photos with Julie Plunk

Family-photo season is upon us. These can be both fun and stressful, but I always love the outcome! Here are my DOs and DON’Ts for family photos!


️Start the process with mom. Mom, pick an outfit that you feel great in, and build the rest of the family’s looks around you. PRO TIP: a wrap dress or wrap top is complimentary on every body shape.

Wrap Dress

Wrap Top

Cinched Dress

️ Pick 2-4 color hues that compliment mom’s outfit for the rest of the family.

DO: Stick with solids, possibly with some micro-prints thrown in. Work in different textures instead of bold patterns.

Solid, Textured Dress

Textured Sweater

DO: Bribe your kids. If you have young kids, I recommend bringing a couple packs of Smarties. Give them one every time they smile for the camera.

*My recommended candy of choice. It’s small and doesn’t stain clothes/faces like chocolate:

DO: Embrace the candid shots. My favorite pictures are always the ones where we’re being ourselves and real with each other.

DO: Bring a hat, but only wear it for some of the shots. PRO TIP: wait to put on the hat until the last few pictures, so it doesn’t mess up your hair.

Dark Pecan Hat

Olive Hat

Oatmeal Hat


DON’T: Don’t wear uncomfortable clothes or items that wrinkle easily.

Comfortable Tan Boots


DON'T: match exactly. Wear complimentary colors, not matchy-matchy.

You can pull lots of different colors from this dress to outfit the rest of your family:

Ivory Paisley Maxi Dress

DON'T blend in with your background. For instance, if you’re taking photos in the woods, don’t wear the same color brown or camo.

*Black is usually a safe choice:

Black Dress

Black Sweater


DON'T: stress! Plan ahead! (don’t wait until the week of to come up with outfits)

My recommended wine for de-stressing:

About the Author: Julie Plunk 
My name is Julie and I am a passionate, bubbly, fashion-lovin’ stylist looking to encourage others through clothing and accessories! Once I learned how to dress for my body shape and skin tone, I was blown away by the boost in confidence that took place. I want to share what I’ve learned to help others feel empowered, confident, and motivated by how they present themselves! 
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