Poppie's Blog: Four Ways to Dress up Your Fall Basics with Whitney O'Halek

Poppie's Blog: Four Ways to Dress up Your Fall Basics with Whitney O'Halek

Hey, y’all! It’s Whitney, your resident Poppie’s-loving travel blogger, here with another travel-inspired post for the Poppie’s Blog!


When I’m packing for any season, basics are at the top of my list. Solids, go-anywhere silhouettes, and pieces that can be dressed up or down easily are the magic items that help me stretch my carry-on-only wardrobe. It may sound boring to many, but hear me out: basics, used correctly, can be anything but basic! Here are my favorite strategies to make your fall staples fashion-forward!


1. Don’t Confuse Basic with Neutral

I used to think basic and neutral were synonyms. But it’s not true! A basic dress can be black, tan, navy, or ivory to give you a neutral look to work with, but it can also be your pop of color, like this Fall Midi Dress in Rust! The best basic silhouette can be worn a couple of different ways by itself, worn casually with a tee or sweater tied at the waist, or dressed up with a few accessories.

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2. Double Up on Basics


This is an easy way to create an extra outfit from things you packed to go with something else! I’m constantly scheming my wardrobe so that it works just a little harder for me when I need it to. Basic jeans or flattering leggings can be fun and eye-catching when paired with a statement top, but they instantly go classy or even elegant when worn with a fellow basic.

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3. Add a Pattern or Print

This is the fun way to make your staple pieces work for you! I love bold prints and patterns, but honestly I’m never feeling confident enough to mix the two. So what’s a pop-of-color-loving traveler to do? Basics to the rescue! The best way to show off my new, boldly-patterned poncho is with a solid dress or neutral jeans-and-sweater combo. Sometimes, the star can’t go on without her supporting crew!

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4. Accessorize

This is the magic trick of many a traveler, friends! A tired outfit that’s been worn a time or two needs a refresh on the last day of your trip (and maybe a spritz of something floral, if you catch my whiff), and the easiest way to make that happen is to add a little something. Or a big something! Whether it’s a fun hat, chunky jewelry, a statement belt, or even silky scarf, adding a dash of accessories will do the trick!

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Thanks for coming along with me! And huge thanks to Amanda Barker Photography for taking all the photos in this post. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook @quickwhittravel, and check out my blog, quickwhittravel.com, for more packing and travel styling tips!


Love and Happy Travels,

Quick Whit

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Whitney O’Halek of @quickwhittravel is a travel blogger, author, and small business enthusiast. Her blog, QuickWhitTravel.com is all about encouraging other women and girls to live their dreams and see the world. You can find her working on her 10th book, planning her next trips, or holding hands with her sweet husband. Her favorite destinations are Hawaii, Cambodia, and Poppie’s Boutique!


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