POPPIE'S BLOG:How a Capsule Collection Works by Whitney O'Halek

POPPIE'S BLOG:How a Capsule Collection Works by Whitney O'Halek

How a Capsule Collection Works

So, what’s a capsule collection? It’s a secret weapon in your closet—or in your suitcase! In your travels, a capsule collection can help you pack lighter. In real life, a capsule collection can make your mornings easier and help you look effortlessly pulled-together.

The concept has been around for a while, but capsule collections have been gaining popularity in recent years. As a frequent traveler, I create a unique capsule collection every time I pack, whether I’m taking a weekend getaway or two-week trip-of-a-lifetime. So, how do you make a capsule collection work for you? Poppie’s is here to help!

1. Minimize your decisions, but maximize your options.

One of the great things about a capsule collection is the freedom you can get from having fewer choices to make. Hear me out! We make decisions all day long, every day, and we often don’t even notice them. But studies have shown that more decision points create more stress.


When you don’t have to make a ton of choices about your daily outfit (Does this skirt go with this top? I want to wear these shoes; what pants go with these shoes? Will my favorite earrings go with this outfit?), you actually start your day with less stress. Every piece of Poppie’s black-and-white Capsule Collection not only mixes and matches with every other piece, they can also be paired with a pop of color to add a little fun!

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2. Elevate your everyday look.

The beauty of a capsule collection is that all the pieces already go together, so you automatically look like you know what you’re doing! Every item in the Poppie’s Capsule Collection can be dressed up or down to take you from the office to date night, and from brunch to the airport for your next getaway. When you have the right pieces that work together, your wardrobe is suddenly working for you!


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3. Make easy seasonal transitions.

One of the most convenient parts of working with Poppie’s Capsule Collection is that every item is classic. Capsule pieces are inherently timeless, meaning that not only can you wear them for years, but you can make the most of them from season to season as well. The right collection of pieces can give you the confidence you need any time of year.

For instance, a white blazer looks professional in summer, but is also essential for chilly spring and fall mornings. Black pants are in style and essential all year round. That ruffled white blouse goes perfectly with the both of them. And a little black dress with that white blazer makes the perfect power pairing.

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How would you use the Poppie’s Capsule Collection? Comment below!


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