Power of Balance (blog 6)

Power of Balance (blog 6)

Hey queens! It’s Julie again! I just shopped the mess out of Poppie’s and if you haven’t checked out their new arrivals, stop what you’re doing and check them out right now - New Arrivals. Ok, now you can keep reading...

Balance is something I can struggle with, mostly to maintain a healthy balance of family, work, friends, fun, and me-time ha! But that subject is for a different blog post. Today, I want to share how to BALANCE your OUTFIT. I’ve set out 3 basic “rules” for balancing your outfit. Following these tips will help you present more put-together, chic, and will balance out your look!

1. Loose and Fitted. If you’re rockin’ wide-leg jeans, pair them with a bodysuit or fitted top. This will show off those great jeans, while also giving definition to your waist. Tucking in your top is also an easy way to bring a similar effect. In the same way, i
f you’re wearing an oversized tee, throw on some biker shorts or skinny jeans! 


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2. Be intentional with your colors. Are you wearing a bright yellow top? Add bottoms that are black, white, or denim in order to keep the top as your focal point. Maybe you’re strutting your fun, checkered pants. Pair those guys with a simple, solid-color top. It’s the same for shoes. Keep bright, statement shoes as the star, and make the rest of your outfit simple.


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3. Show skin strategically. Choose one body part and show it off. Want to highlight your amazing legs? Pair that mini skirt with a short sleeve or long sleeve top. Loving the new spaghetti strap tank you just bought? Add a midi-length skirt or some jeans to balance the look. This balance will help you look fashionable and flattering.

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***As with every “rule” with fashion, remember - you can change it up, go against the grain, and it’s ok! Fashion needs diversity and spark! If you want to rock oversized items from head-to-toe, go for it! Going out with the girls and you want to wear that hot bodycon dress? Yaasssss!!

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My name is Julie and I am a passionate, bubbly, fashion-lovin’ stylist looking to encourage others through clothing and accessories! Once I learned how to dress for my body shape and skin tone, I was blown away by the boost in confidence that took place. I want to share what I’ve learned to help others feel empowered, confident, and motivated by how they present themselves! 


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