"Three Ways to Pack Without Basic Black" by Whitney O'Halek

"Three Ways to Pack Without Basic Black" by Whitney O'Halek

Hey, folks! Your favorite travel blogger is back with a post to help you pack and look your best at home, on the town, or abroad! This time around, I’m breaking a major packing style stereotype: Everything has to go with black.


It’s not true! I’m about to show you three of my favorite ways to pack well without depending on basic black. Don’t get me wrong—a perfect little black dress or that epic pair of black leggings will take you so far, but sometimes a girl wants to branch out! Here are three ways to make your wardrobe work efficiently (and colorfully) without relying on your black staples or bringing your entire closet with you.

1. Pick a Color Family, Any Color Family

They say you don’t get to pick your family. Thankfully, that does not apply to your
color family! Are you a fan of earth tones? Jewel tones? Feminine shades? Bright
and beautiful hues? You can choose full color, gals! Just make sure you choose
a family and stick to it so that everything you brought can pair well together. This
will make it easier to mix and match your pieces, maximizing your possible outfit

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2. Find Two Ways to Wear Everything

Packing efficiently is not about being minimalist, it’s about maximizing your options. Bringing a favorite dress? You can wear that on its own, or pair it with a great denim jacket! That same jacket will go with your favorite graphic tee and comfy-yet-stylish jeans! Need another use for that graphic tee? How about over your dress with a knot at the waist for a defined waistline? Need another look for those jeans? How about paired with a gorgeous statement top for an out-to-dinner-and-a-show look! If you can keep everything in the same color family, every item will go with every other item, giving you at least two ways to wear every piece.

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3. Make a Statement with Accessories

My favorite way to change up an outfit is to make a bold move with my accessories! Classic, oversized pearls automatically make any outfit chic. Bold, beautiful, colorful earrings pull attention to your gorgeous face. A chunky necklace or layer of dainty short necklaces can take your outfit from the beach to the art gallery to afternoon tea. Don’t underestimate the power of accessorizing!


Author Bio
Whitney O’Halek of @quickwhittravel is a travel blogger, author, and small business enthusiast. Her blog, QuickWhitTravel.com is all about encouraging other women and girls to live their dreams and see the world. You can always find her working on her 10th book, planning her next trips, or holding hands with her sweet husband. Her favorite destinations are Hawaii, Cambodia, and Poppie’s Boutique!


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