Wear it with Confidence (blog 9)

Wear it with Confidence (blog 9)

Wear it with Confidence

The whole reason I decided to become a fashion stylist is because I want to help others feel more confident and empowered. This is an area that I used to struggle with BIG TIME (and still do from time-to-time). During my teen years and most of my 20’s, so many of my decisions were based on how I thought others would react, versus having firm trust in myself for making whatever I was contemplating. That correlated to my clothes as well. I would pick outfits that I thought others would affirm, even if that meant I didn’t like it or passing up an item that I really loved. Let’s be honest, fixing this problem is way deeper than a simple outfit change. It happens from the inside out, and that takes work, reflection, learning, growth, and accountability. But for the sake of this blog, let’s focus on the style aspect! Here are some tips to walking (or strutting) in more confidence in your clothes:

  1. Learn your personal style. If you don’t know what you like/don’t like, it will be very challenging for you to shop and find outfits that bring you joy. When was the last time you took inventory of the items in your closet that make you feel fabulous? Do you thrive in dressy outfits or do you feel more comfortable in casual clothes? What pair of jeans do you automatically feel great in? What are the outfits that you own that you always know are going to “work” for you? Taking time to think through these questions is a great place to start. Most likely, you will find a rhythm, a consistency in your personal style.

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2. Know how to dress for your body shape. God has created all of us to look so wonderfully different, the whole range of shapes and sizes. And listen to me sister, that is a BEAUTIFUL thing! Once you learn what compliments that lovely shape of yours, you will be able to pick out items that accentuate the areas of your body you WANT to accentuate.

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3. Know your skin undertone. Wearing the “wrong” colors will wash you out, making your skin look dull and tired. Rockin’ colors that compliment your skin tone with brighten your skin, make your eyes pop, and will enhance your complexion. 

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4. Don’t always listen to your friends. Shopping with friends can be fun, but sometimes we can let their opinion determine our opinion. If you really like a top, but for some reason your shopping buddy doesn’t affirm it… BUY THE TOP! You’re the one that has to wear that thing, and you’re not going to use it, if you don’t really like it. You’ll end up wasting a bunch of money on items that continue to sit in your closet with the tags on.

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  1. It doesn’t have to always make sense. Do you have a fun piece of fashion that you’re dying to wear, even though it doesn’t fit the occasion? Who cares?!?! WEAR IT, girl!! Don’t be afraid to stand out, especially if you feel awesome sporting the outfit. Just wear it confidently and receive the compliments you’ll get on your fabulous items! 
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My name is Julie and I am a passionate, bubbly, fashion-lovin’ stylist looking to encourage others through clothing and accessories! Once I learned how to dress for my body shape and skin tone, I was blown away by the boost in confidence that took place. I want to share what I’ve learned to help others feel empowered, confident, and motivated by how they present themselves! 
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