WELCOME to the Poppie's Blog

WELCOME to the Poppie's Blog



HELLO, friends! Welcome to the first edition of the Poppie's Blog! You can find us here each Friday for fashion tips, style inspiration, and positive body image chats. We are so excited for you to meet our team of lady-bosses who will be featured here each week with their "two cents worth" on all things fashion, confidence, and so much more. We assure you, this is not your average fashion blog!


The Poppie’s Blog exists for one main purpose: to uplift + inspire. The fashion industry is often associated with “keeping up” and constant striving. Body image, insecurities, and confidence levels are just a few of the struggles that all females face, literally just picking out an outfit for the day from your own closet. It is time for a fashion blog, yes, from a boutique itself, to celebrate all women, body types, fashion trends, and more. It's OKAY if every item in your closet isn't new, while it’s also 100% fine to treat yourself often with new finds. It's OKAY if your tummy isn't “flat…” and its okay if it is! It's OKAY to thrift AND boutique shop, too. Newsflash from my dear blogger friend, Airica: there are no rules in fashion


God spent time making you, yes, YOU, and that fact should be celebrated each day. YOU should be celebrated each day. Wear crazy colors. Eat the cake. Buy the shoes. LIVE YOUR LIFE. 


I love fashion. I love how it makes me feel. I love the pure FUN of shopping and the feeling I get with the perfect find. I never dreamed I would be in this industry, but 7 years, a lot of prayer, and a lot of hard work later, here I am. Though fashion is what we do and who we are at Poppie’s, I am even more concerned about the impact we make in the lives that we encounter. Because at the end of the day, it's just clothing


But isn't it so much more? It's not the clothing we offer that matters to me, but rather the feeling I pray each person has from their Poppie’s finds: the perfect dress for a date night that makes you feel beautiful, a sassy blazer for a job interview that gives you a confidence boost, or the comfort that comes from a fresh cotton t-shirt. That's what makes me love this industry.

So, let’s celebrate, ladies, because you’re worth celebrating. LIFE is worth celebrating! Clothing is what you live your life in. How you feel about yourself matters. I pray this blog can help you in some way find a little bit more love, confidence, and joy for yourself!


Find fashion tips, inspiring stories, unique styling trends, and more each Friday on the Poppie’s Blog!


About the author: 
Sarah Collins is the owner/operator of Poppie's Boutique, and also the founder of the Chosen Girl Brand/Ministry. Sarah is an enthusiastic, outgoing, and bubbly social butterfly, wife, and crafter, originally from the areas of Lebanon and Gordonsville, TN. She is the creative and visual mind behind the Poppie's operation and spends her work-weeks managing the entire Poppie's operation! Anything fashion, social, merchandising, or marketing...Sarah has a hand in, and loves every minute of it. She loves drinking coffee (2 creams, 2 sugars), reading books, listening to too many podcasts, and watching The Golden Girls and The Gilmore Girls. She loves most to spend time with her family and friends & working on her little historic home inside and out, just outside of the Lebanon square.  


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  • Christina K Hall: May 14, 2021

    This is great! I’m excited to see what happens here. I try to stay abreast of the fashion industry and what is trending – yes I wish I had the forethought to save those clothes from the’70’s – but mostly I dress for me and what makes me feel good! Thank you!

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